We have always been about power and freedom.  We all remember the first time we went off on our bike whizzing down the hill, peddling like mad to get up the other side, not a care in the world with a grin from ear to ear.

The only difference is, the spirit is there but age has taken its toll, so that bike is exiled to the shed or the garage along with the good intentions.

We have brought the grin back to cycling, putting the joy back into riding, making that dread go away.

We are always reviewing the market place, monitoring new technology as it comes to market.  We have been converting bikes to electric now for 15 years improving and evolving, never standing still.

After extensive research Motors, Controllers & Displays that meet our exacting criteria are then purchased to evaluate.  These samples are put through our exacting test programs for months to make sure they are reliable and robust before they are added to proven range of exceptional electric bike conversions kits.

We have never been in the market of box shifting.  This would go against the grain. 
Buying from us means you are buying a product with support.  We are to able to do this because we design and engineer the product ourselves.  We understand it.  15 years of trading and positive feedback proves this!


Conversion Kit 1

Supplied restricted to 15MPH/250W but re-programmable to 40 MPH/2000W for offroad use

This conversion is the essence and backbone of our range.  It is designed to get Mr Average to & from work effortlessly.  It’s geared motor allows amazing hill climbing, combined with it’s light weight battery and motor, making it a joy to lift off the back of the car or up the stairs to your flat.

What you get:
56 Volt/15 Amp/Hour battery and 25 Amp hi-powered controller to squeeze every ounce of power has been teased out in our workshop.

3000 Watt Hub Motor

Hand laced with 13 gauge DT Swiss Spokes in a heavy duty double wall Mavic Rim and
Gear cog to suite conversion. 

Computerised Display

Control panel combined with a Twist & Go throttle gives flexibility and totally control.

(Kit can be fitted to any suitable bike as per the samples shown below)

Price for kit fitted to bike: £2,299 + £120 delivery
(Delivery includes handover and training by ourselves)
Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Conversion Kit 2

Supplied restricted to 15MPH/250W but re-programmable to 50 MPH/5000W for offroad use

Our top of the range conversion is designed for off road use, it's for that adrenalin junkie who wants the insanity of a bike that's capable of over 50 miles an hour (Dependant on weight, hills and weather).

When you give it “The Beans” the 5000 Watts of available power & 50 MPH speed put it beyond anything that can be expected of a pushbike.  It just accelerates silently, relentlessly to its top speed, even uphill.  Our test pilot is of an age where he should know better but he still has that “Grin” taking him back to that inner child, having said that, it's totally controllable with the benefit of looking like a pushbike.

What you get:
84 Volt 15 Amp/Hour Battery & 150 Amp Hi-Powered controller where every ounce of power has been teased out in our workshop.

5000 Watt Hub Motor

Hand laced with 13 gauge DT Swiss Spokes in a heavy duty double wall Mavic Rim, with
Gear cog to suite conversion. 

Computerised Display

Control Panel combined with a Twist & Go throttle gives flexibility and totally control.

Price for kit fitted to bike: £2,995 + £120 delivery
(Personalised delivery includes handover and training by ourselves)
Please read our Terms & Conditions .

Sample Bikes with Conversion Kit installed

Raleigh Strada Trial Sport 2
Diamond Back
Trek DS2 Red Hybrid
Merida Crossway 100
Specialized Crosstrail Hydro

Terms & Conditions

We strongly recommend that you use a Helmet & Safety equipment when riding your electric bike. Insurance would be advisable and riders are required to follow/abide by the highway code/road traffic act at all times.
To be road legal the maximum power of an electric bicycle is 250 watts with a top speed of 15 MPH. 

Turbo boost/Hi Power is illegal on the public highway. We offer off road kits with 50+ MPH and up to 3500 watt peak power (model dependent).

We do not condone or encourage the breaking of any laws by switching your converted bicycle to hi-power in a non approved environment.

Range & Speed is dependent on the weight of rider, the topography of the journey, wind conditions, temperature, humidity, phase of moon and star sign.
All pictures/images are for guidance only, products may vary from images shown dependent on availability at time of purchase.
We reserve the right to change specification without prior notification.


We only support our products.   Items bought individually & fitted to other manufacturers kits/bikes ARE NOT supported.

Please ensure you know what you are doing as there are no refunds on parts damaged from incorrect fitting. It is your responsibility and we will not replace damaged goods or items with plugs changed, removed, seals broken, reversed polarity, over voltage or misuse.
Our Brushless Flex Motor carries a 1 year return to Daventry for repair/replacement warranty. All other parts are warrantied for 12 months, return to Daventry for repair/replacement.

Batteries are warrantied to have 50% of the power at 6 months with tapering scale to 12 months. Return to Daventry for repair/replacement.

Jumping Mountain Biker


It is the customers responsibility to make sure their bike is suitable for conversion.  Although every effort is made by us to make suitable electric bike conversion kits/parts, we cannot guarantee that it will fit every bicycle.

A badly fitted kit will result in damage to the frame or forks of the bicycle and may cause injury or even death. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the kit is fitted securely.  We cannot be held responsible any damage injury or death caused by a kit/parts that are not fitted properly.
If our electric bike conversion kit/parts causes damage, we are not responsible. Riding any electric bike conversion is entirely at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible any damage injury or death caused by any rider that misuses or neglects said conversion.
It is the customer responsibility to do regular maintenance, check that spokes, nuts, bolts are tight and brakes are fully functional.

We remind all riders to observe the Highway Code/Road Traffic Act at all times.  If you are using your electric bike conversion on the public road or highway, it is your responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations that apply.

We strongly recommend that suitable safety equipment is worn when riding any bike conversion i.e. safety helmet, hi-viz jacket, gloves and suitable shoes.

Our conversion kits are de-restricted to give Hi-Power, so they are capable of more than the legal 15 Mph & 250 Watts.  They are NOT legal to be used on public roads as they are classed as a motor vehicle. To use on a public road, you must register/pass testing with the DVLA then get a license, insurance and MOT. You will also need a motorcycle helmet and the appropriate license.

Riding any electric bike conversion is done at the customers own risk, we cannot be held responsible any damage, injury or death caused by any rider that misuses or neglects said conversion. Converting any bicycle is entirely at the customers own risk.

Conversion of customers bikes, carried out by us on behalf of customer, are entirely the customers responsibility for any damage to the paintwork. Tool marks are inevitable in the conversion process but every care is taken to minimise this.

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Permitted Environment

This would be where the user has express written permission from the land owner to ride a Hi-Power bike conversion on their land.

Errors & Omissions

We make every effort to ensure that the information on our literature and website is accurate and up to date. We will promptly correct any errors brought to our attention.

Opening Hours

We are available on the phone from 8am to 7pm (7 days a week)


Get in Touch

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Trek DS2 Red Hybrid

Trek Dual Sport 2 Hybrid Bik (Red)