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We strongly recommend that you use a Helmet & Safety equipment when riding your electric bike. Insurance would be advisable and riders are required to follow/abide by the highway code/road traffic act at all times.
To be road legal the maximum power of an electric bicycle is 250 watts with a top speed of 15 MPH. 

Turbo boost/Hi Power is illegal on the public highway. We offer off road kits with 50+ MPH and up to 3500 watt peak power (model dependent).

We do not condone or encourage the breaking of any laws by switching your converted bicycle to hi-power in a non approved environment.

Range & Speed is dependent on the weight of rider, the topography of the journey, wind conditions, temperature, humidity, phase of moon and star sign.
All pictures/images are for guidance only, products may vary from images shown dependent on availability at time of purchase.
We reserve the right to change specification without prior notification.

Jumping Mountain Biker


It is the customers responsibility to make sure their bike is suitable for conversion.  Although every effort is made by us to make suitable electric bike conversion kits/parts, we cannot guarantee that it will fit every bicycle.

A badly fitted kit will result in damage to the frame or forks of the bicycle and may cause injury or even death. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the kit is fitted securely.  We cannot be held responsible any damage injury or death caused by a kit/parts that are not fitted properly.
If our electric bike conversion kit/parts causes damage, we are not responsible. Riding any electric bike conversion is entirely at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible any damage injury or death caused by any rider that misuses or neglects said conversion.
It is the customer responsibility to do regular maintenance, check that spokes, nuts, bolts are tight and brakes are fully functional.

We remind all riders to observe the Highway Code/Road Traffic Act at all times.  If you are using your electric bike conversion on the public road or highway, it is your responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations that apply.

We strongly recommend that suitable safety equipment is worn when riding any bike conversion i.e. safety helmet, hi-viz jacket, gloves and suitable shoes.

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